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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Héberts of Acadia

Joseph Aupry Laramee (or Aupry dit LaRamée), born in LaPrairie, Québec in 1807, is my 3rd great grandfather, and one of Mildred Bombard's great grandfathers.  He was the son of Joseph Aupry LaRamée and Marie Françoise Perrault.

On March 5, 1832, he married Cecile Hébert at St-Jean-François-Regis (St-Philippe), Québec.  Cecile was herself descended from an Aupry LaRamée:  her 2nd great-grandmother was Marie Françoise, daughter of Louis Bertrand Aupry LaRamée and Anne Dumas Rencontre.  (Joseph was descended from Marie's brother, François Antoine.)

Cecile was also descended from the long line of Héberts, ultimately from Poitou, France, who settled in Acadia in about 1650.

Cecile's 2nd great-grandfather, Rene Hébert, along with his wife and married children, was deported during the infamous English relocation of 1755, when the Acadian French were cleared out of Acadia and dispersed among the other English colonies or sent to France.  Many of these exiles, like the Héberts, found their way eventually to Québec.

Rene and his family were sent to the colony of Connecticut, where the authorities scattered the French families, about 900 people in all, throughout the colony.  Rene's son Pierre was placed with his family in a home in Guilford; this house still exists, and is now called the Acadian House.  Pierre's daughter Anne married her cousin Joseph Hilarion Hébert sometime around 1765.  Shortly after, Joseph Hilarion and his family relocated to LaPrairie, Québec.  In order to have their children properly baptized, the married cousins had to have their marriage "rehabilitated," and this happened in 1768.

Their son Isaac Charles was born in 1782.  He married Catherine Cassan or Cassant (dite SansRegret) in 1809, and daughter Cecile was born in 1812.


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