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Friday, September 29, 2006

About the Charts

The boxes containing the names are two different colors:  the bluer color is for males, and the redder for females.  Some names are accented in a lighter color:  these are active links, and will send you to a new chart or narrative based on that name.

On most browsers, if you mouse over a name and wait a second, a small window (tooltip) will pop up next to the pointer with information about that name.  Internet Explorer and Safari will show all the information.  Firefox will only show some of the information.  (I don't know what other browsers will do.)

In Firefox, if you right-click the name and then click "Properties," it will show you the rest of the information in a small window, under the attribute "Title."  Enlarge the window until you see all the information.  You can also install an add-on that will make the tooltip show all the information.  The link is here.

The genealogical charts are generated from my database by a program called Genealogica Grafica, written by Tom de Neef.  They are then modified by me for this blog format.  If you have suggestions for more charts you would like to see, please leave a comment.


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