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Sunday, October 01, 2006

About This Blog

It's a bit unusual to present genealogy in a blog format.  Genealogical data is often presented as a database, displayed and searchable in some fashion.  There can be an awful lot of raw information:  So-and-so was born, was married, had children, worked, and died; on and on and on with endless dates, names and places.

As much as I love collecting all that information, what I really want to communicate are the narratives, the historical contexts, and the personalities hidden in the information.  The blog format might be perfect for this - a way to present information in small bites, with stories, histories, hunches, myths, and experiences.  For you, my intended audience, which I assume will be mostly my relatives, I'm sure this format will be more approachable than a database presentation, and it will allow you to participate by providing comments, suggestions, stories, and more information, which I sincerely hope you do.

The posts in this blog are arranged chronologically, just like in any other blog.  In this blog, though, the chronological arrangement doesn't really make any sense, so I have also arranged the posts according to category.  The categories are listed near the top of the panel on the left, where every post has a link.  In addition, many of the posts have links to related posts.

Bill Calhoun

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